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This is one of our Memorial Day gardens located in Middleton, Ma

Memorial Day packages can be purchased any time of year! Enjoy letting us help you with your grave site care needs. Plan ahead and call us today at 978~ 465~ 0042

The Memorial Day Package includes:


  • Site Inspection.
  • Graveside garden area is sculpted, and soil is amended for healthy plant growth.
  • Monument is cleaned of all grass clipping and other natural debris.
  • For Memorial Day, or, on your selected day, a full and colorful garden display using all quality proven winner plants will be planted, fertilized, watered, and mulched. * Maintenance is available.
  • Clean up in September.
  • In November our beautiful  2019 holiday winter basket full of fresh berries, assorted greens, pine cones, and a festive bow (your choice of color) is placed in front of your loved ones monument.
  • A photo is taken and sent to you or your chosen family member on each occasion.
  • Removal of the basket or wreath in early spring of 2020.
  • Sturdy rust free adjustable wreath hangers and other accessories are available for purchase.
  • Site inspection is replaced with a garden maintenance visit for all return customers.
  • Package may start anytime of year.
  • Price will vary due to monument size, and  traveling distance. 



I want to thank you for the beautiful flowers you planted on my hiusband's grave.  After three months they still look fresh.  My husband would have loved the display.  Your choice of flowers was excellent.  Your upkeep of the grave is much appreciated.  I recieved the photos in the mail today and was very pleased.

Fran Fleming
North Andover 


You have been so wonderful.  I am pleased with all you have done.  I love the beautiful garden you planted at my parents grave.
Your choice of plants was excellent and my visits are now more enjoyable. 

Thank you,
Nancy Reardon